You Are Changing How Business Is Done
22 Aug. 2013

You Are Changing How Business Is Done

Spoke with so many coaches the last two days – it continues to shock me how much more you have made this than the next “get rich quick” MLM.

You really do get it – that to be successful in our company you have to start the conversation by finding out what a person wants, not with what you sell. What body do they WANT to have? Why do they want it? How bad do they want it? How much time do they have to pursue it?

And then you go about helping them achieve that dream body with the best fitness and nutrition products ever created. But the difference, the secret, is the support of the challenge group.

And if they don’t get the results they wanted, you help them get their refund. No questions asked except “Will you let me know when you want to try again?”

That’s how it works. Challenge group after challenge group getting outrageous results, and rewarding many of those results with cash and prizes.

It works because it’s genuine – not a front that looks warm inviting that’s really all about wealth creation – but a balanced exchange between a person who wants to lose the weight and the person who will finally, for once, help them succeed.

You, Team Beachbody, are changing the way business is done.

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2 Responses

  1. Sherri Britt says:

    Hi, I’m an Emerald Coach. I have an awesome marketing idea that will change the way we offer fitness programs.

    Also I am hosting a fundraiser to install tornado shelters in Oklahoma schools. I need information how to request a celeb trainer to attend at least 1of the events.

    Tried to speak with my uplink about this and they are very busy working on their own promotion. Time is running out I mustnprint tickets for the event and I need info asap.

    I know you are a very busy person as well which is why my note is short n to the point. Please contact me at your earliest available time.

    Thanks Sherri Britt
    (405) 667-8084

  2. Carl Daikeler says:

    Having someone email you now!