Train With Tony Horton
08 Nov. 2012

Train With Tony Horton

On Saturday November 17, Tony Horton is holding a 1-hour P90X class in Poughkeepsie, NY at the biggest Gold’s Gym in the country. After the class Tony will be available for a 1 hour Q&A, which will be focused around the science behind P90X and the opportunity for you to get certified to teach P90X in your local gym.

If you’re feeling really crazy on Saturday morning, you can kickstart your day with a BODY COMBAT master class that will happen before the P90X class. BODY COMBAT will be taught by LES MILLS master instructors Don Murphy and Jake Mclendon.

It’s going to be a morning chocked full of motivation, inspiration, sweat, and fun.

If you don’t live in Poughkeepsie or the surrounding area, you can find a P90X certification class here:

Don’t see one in your area? Shoot an email to and let them know you’re interested in having the P90X Certification team come to your neighborhood.

The response we’ve seen from Coaches and customers who have made the commitment and gotten P90X Certified has been overwhelmingly positive. Like this from Rob G, a Diamond Coach and recently Certified P90X Trainer:

“You want to know if P90X Certification has helped me build my Coaching business?  Well, I’ve signed 15 Coaches since I got Certified in June, and I just went Diamond at the beginning of November….so I’d have to answer that question with a big, shiny YES!” – Rob

That’s an average of more than 2 Coaches per month! P90X Certification helped Rob get that extra ounce of credibility he needed to really put his business over the top.

P90X is a household name and by creating a strong bond between your unique brand as a Beachbody Coach with our powerful fitness brand, you can become an unstoppable force of helping people get healthy, lose weight, and achieve their goals.

Get all the info you need, right here:

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