Happy New Year… It’s Your Year To Build!
31 Dec. 2012

Happy New Year… It’s Your Year To Build!

I built a huge sandcastle city on the beach with my kids today – an EPIC version of Los Angeles landmarks – and we had a blast doing it. Then we went into the house to get our daily Shakeology (true story!) and when we returned just minutes later, the whole thing had been destroyed by passers by.

The kids were heart broken. So I asked them “What was the funnest part about that Sand Castle? Building it, or admiring our work?” They said “building it”. “So let’s start over, but this time let’s reinforce that replica of Dodger Stadium and I’ll make the Beachbody headquarters bigger and we’ll add a track for exercising!”

We got right back to work, and that rebuilt city was cooler than the original.

I’m lucky enough to be able to have that same approach day in and day out about our work. I absolutely love it. That doesn’t mean it’s easy. And the growth is always fun, but it’s the work itself that gets me out of bed each day.

Creating, recreating, responding to situations, celebrating the victories of coaches and customers – that’s the fun part.

Whether it’s a sandcastle or the coolest health and fitness company in the world, I feel lucky to be building with a family and team of friends that make the process fun.

2012 is now just another sandcastle, getting swept away overnight by high tide. Now let’s start over. Let’s learn from 2012, and make 2013 even better.

Happy New Year!

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One Response

  1. Terry Abel says:

    What a great story Carl. Thank you so much for all you have created and grown. I am glad you enjoy the process. What a great lesson for your kids.