Don’t Let The SS Beachbody Sail Away Without You!
07 Jan. 2013

Don’t Let The SS Beachbody Sail Away Without You!

This weekend at Super Saturday, we announced the 2014 Success Club Trip and if the excitement we’ve seen in the first three days of registration is any indication, this trip is going to be EPIC.

If you haven’t heard, Beachbody is chartering a private BEACHBODY-ONLY cruise through the Western Caribbean. That’s right, an entire luxury cruise ship exclusively for Team Beachbody Coaches and their guests! We’ll set sail on March 24, 2014. By registering now, you ensure your spot on board. If you’re still on the fence, there’s still time to decide, but if you wait too long you could miss out: as of this morning, 976 of the 1,600 cabins have been accounted for. If this rate keeps up, we will sell out by Thursday, and this trip is still 15 months away.

Additionally, if you register today, you will have the opportunity to have portions, or in some cases, all of your trip paid for as you hit various benchmarks throughout the year. Talk about some motivation to make this your best year, yet! So DREAM BIG and register for the luxury cabin of your choice. Do the words “ocean view” or “balcony” resonate with you? Then get ‘em while you can, ‘cuz they are disappearing fast. And when they’re gone, they’re gone.

Now, I’m sure there’s questions, so click here to get all the information and FAQ.

And in case you are looking for some humor at my expense, have a look at our announcement from this past Super Saturday. (I swear this was all Michael’s idea).

To ensure your spot, register for the cruise by clicking here now! DREAM BIG now and give yourself an extra incentive to blow your success out of the water! See you on the high seas…

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3 Responses

  1. Chris Watson says:

    Took a leap of faith and registered within moments of hearing about it at Super Saturday. Super excited for this upcoming year Carl!

  2. Leslie says:

    After being to Atlantis, and now being able to take my family to Disney, there was NO WAY I was missing this cruise, which will also be a great time to celebrate our 10yr anniversary. Thanks Beachbody!! <3

  3. Michael J. Cress says:

    Nice to see the funny side of you guys…Can’t wait to hopefully meet everyone on the cruise.