Body Beast Mobile App – FAQ
31 Jan. 2013

Body Beast Mobile App – FAQ

The Body Beast Web-Based Mobile Application was released this week and we had some confusion surrounding the platform. I hope this will help clear things up.

First – The app is optimized for the web and is NOT a traditional app that you will find in the iPhone or Android app store. We designed it this way to allow access to anyone and everyone with a device than can connect to the internet. This means you can use your app from any device – iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, Macbook, PC, etc. As long as as you have a device that can connect to the internet you are good to go.

Here’s the link you will use:

When you visit the first time, you can add an icon to your home screen for quick access. Follow the screen shots below for instructions:

There were also some general questions being posted on Facebook and Instagram so I wanted to address those here, as well.

Body Beast Mobile App – FAQ

Q: I received my login information via email, but when I try to log in, I see this error message:

“We’re sorry, it appears that you do not have access to Body Beast Mobile. You must purchase the program to get access to the Mobile site. If you feel you have reached this in error, please contact an administrator.”

A: Here are possible reasons why you see this message:
• Someone else (e.g. your spouse) purchased Body Beast. In this case the access credentials are tied to your spouse’s account password and email address. Try to use the email address your spouse provided at the time of purchase.
• You received Body Beast as a gift. In this case the access credentials are tied to your gifter’s account password and email address. Try to use the email address your gifter provided at the time of purchase.
• If you purchased the product yourself either by phone or from or, and you are also a TeamBeachbody member, please use your login credentials to access the mobile app.

Q: I have purchased Body Beast, but have not received an email with my login information.

A: Please double check that the email address that was given to Beachbody on the day of purchase matches the email address you are using to log into the mobile app. It is also possible that the email landed in the spam folder.

Q: Is there a way to skip ahead to the workout week or day I am on?

A: The mobile app is built to work in a linear way. You start on Day 1 and work your way through the program day by day. There is no function to skip workouts. The app was designed this way to ensure success with the program. If you aren’t starting from Day 1 and going through Day 90 and following the program how it’s designed, then the tracker really isn’t for you. If you have started recently, like one or two weeks, you can go in and manually skip ahead by entering data in each category as if you’ve completed the workout, but it be your time investment. We may look into making a change to allow accesss to skip ahead in a future update.

Q: How do I create a direct link to the mobile site on my phone (acting as an “app”)?

A:After the first-time login you are offered the option to create a shortcut on the phone’s home screen. If you confirm, a cool Body Beast icon (shortcut) is placed on the phone’s home screen. You can also refer to the screenshots in the beginning of this post for step by step instructions.

Q: Can I get the Body Beast app if I bought the program through a dealer instead of from Beachbody?

A: Access credentials are tied to the original owner’s account information from the date of purchase. You must purchase the program directly from, or or through Beachbody Telesales to get access to the mobile app. The access credentials are emailed to the original customer on the same day you purchase the Body Beast program.

Q: Are the Tempo workouts in the app?

A: Yes, the Tempo workouts are in the app. They can be selected alternatively on the days the Tempo workouts are listed in the Body Beast training schedule.

Q; I bought this program for my husband and myself. Is there a way he can have access to this too?

A: Only the original owner will receive access to the mobile app, as the access credentials are tied to the customer account information from the date of purchase. The access credentials are emailed to the original customer on the same day he/she purchases the Body Beast program.

Q: I purchased Body Beast from Amazon. How do I get access to the mobile app?

Amazon customers will receive access to the mobile app soon. You will automatically receive an email from Beachbody with your access information, once your email address is provided by Amazon to Beachbody.

Should you still encounter problems accessing the app or have not received your login information, please email


Hope this helps. If I missed anything let me know in the comments section below!


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38 Responses

  1. Rae Soon says:

    Any chance on Beachbody coming out with an all-encompassing app feature?? It would be great to be able to log workouts and such from an app- regardless of which program you’re doing- having access to your workout schedule and have reminders, etc- would be amazing!! Just a thought :)

  2. Carl Daikeler says:

    We’re always looking for ways to improve the customer experience. This kind of project would be a big undertaking for us, but I appreciate the direct feedback and will keep it in mind as we continue to move forward.

  3. John says:

    I don’t like the fact that you have to check off each
    warmup move. It kind if ruins the warmup.
    I think it would be better to just check off the entire warmup instead.

    my .02

  4. Doug Wilson says:

    Carl: This is great and I am very excited about the Body Beast Classic. Even though I will not be able to participate in this one, believe you me, I will be there next year.

    By the way, I finished the Reset strong and lost 20lbs and 3 inches around my waist.

  5. Chris Watson says:

    The app for beast looks awesome. I’m starting Body Beast after summit on July 1st with a huge group of people and this is totally something I’m going to recommend the others use as well. Thanks for clearing up some questions people may have had!

  6. Carl Daikeler says:

    Thanks for the feedback John. I will keep this in mind for our next update.

  7. Carl Daikeler says:

    That’s awesome Doug! What’s next for you?

  8. Carl Daikeler says:

    My pleasure, Chris. Excited to see how your Challenge Group goes. Beasting up over summer!

  9. My husband purchased the program and we are going to do it together. I know that he is the only one that can access the app. I wish there was a way that I could utilize it as well. We obviously have very different needs nutritionally so I don’t want to login using my phone and mess up his stats he has already put in. Wish there was a way to link husband & wife accounts together for this. Oh and I will be entereing the Classic. Thank you for doing that as that was one of my goals from last year to enter a competition.

  10. Brad Tomlinson says:

    Absolutely great program. Personally my favorite Beachbody program. Its great for building muscle and Sagi shows you how to target every muscle in the body. I’d love to see a sequal a few years down the road. Great work guys.

  11. Joseph barker says:

    wow this app takes way to long to input all the info in before you can move onto the next set. Wasting time for sure.

  12. Jeffrey mayfield says:

    Couple issues I have is that you have to check off each warmup and cool down. Like some one said prior that is a real pain especially since you are in fact trying to warm up but then have to sit there entering the stuff and cooling down. One thing to check off for warmup would be better. Also the middle screen with the picture of how to do the move is a waste of time as well. At least after the first time you have down that particular routine. If there was a way the app knows that you have done this workout before and then allow you to go straight to the write down screen it would save lots of time. And also related to doing a workout you already did. I know it shows your history but if it could autofill the fields with your previous time that would be a huge time saver as well, since you ether just leave that or edit it. But it gives you good reference. I believe the p90x does this.

  13. Brooke says:

    The first thing that needs to happen is to write a disclaimer stating that this app is ONLY for one person per household. This is crazy. I bought it for my husband as a gift and we can’t even work together. I guess I need to buy two Body Beast programs to get the “free” app. At least limit it to all household. Crazy, I tell you, crazy. Really upset cause beachbody can’t seem to help either.

  14. Anthony says:

    My temporary solution for that is to check the warm ups prior to working out since I will be doing them anyway. Then I focus on writing down my progress during the workout. “There is a solution to everything” – Tony H. :)

  15. Daniel says:

    Do you have to actually have already purchased Body Beast from Beachbody to access it, or there’s another way of getting the FREE MOBILE APP, without getting the program?

  16. Carl Daikeler says:

    Yes. Anyone can get the app by visiting, but you can’t track anything without an acccess code. Here’s all of the details:

    Let me know if I can help with anything else!

  17. Carl Daikeler says:

    Wise words Anthony!

  18. Carl Daikeler says:

    Brooke – I’m sorry for your frustrations. I can imagine it can be a bit of downer when you’re ready to track your workouts and can’t get access! Our mobile customer service should be able to help you with this. I made it a point to make sure that two people in the same household would be able to track their workouts separately. While we only have one access code per purchase, we can make exceptions. Did you try to email

  19. John L says:

    Have there been any updates? I have completed the program traditionally and with the app.. I really like the beast phase for maintenance and would like to be able to repeat that as much as I want.. Perhaps an advanced portion to the app to be able to move back and forth etc.. A mobile app specifically made for the iOS and android would be even better.. I would even be willing to pay a little bit for that.

  20. Julie says:

    I received the program over a week ago and started the program immediately. I did not receive my app info until yesterday so I have already done week one! I cannot get my app off of “week one day one” even when I hit finish it does nothing! How can I advance the app to the next workout? I use this app on my iPhone and ipad and was hoping to take it on vacation.

    Thank you,

  21. Roberto says:

    I’m very disappointed that this is a web based App. I’m very spoiled since I own P90X and the App to track your P90X workouts is AMAZING! Simple to use, slick and… wait for it… OFFLINE! I’m hoping that the Body Beast App will be pushed to the App Store. I’m sure may folks would be happy to pay for the app and get the convenience of not having to be married to your network… I know I would! My comment to the BeachBody development team: the P90X app is pretty much there, just Beastify it by changing the colors to green!

  22. Carl Daikeler says:

    Hey Julie – I believe the app is designed to not allow you to skip ahead persay. You have to enter your information as if you did the workouts and it should let you advance forward. Hope that helps!

  23. Denise says:

    When I’m away from home I’d like to refer to the app for my workouts. Unfortunately, if you don’t use the app regularly you cannot view the workouts unless you check off each one. Are there plans to change this? I’d like to be able to go to a certain workout and view the movements.

  24. Jeff says:

    Is there a plan to show your progress for Bulk & Best workouts?

  25. Karen says:

    I definitely think a WoWY app would be great. I’d love to be able to login my workouts without having to get on my computer.

  26. Wowy app will be fantastic !!!

  27. I cannot get logged into the mobile app. I have emailed tech support (which by the way your ‘mail_to:’ is not set up correctly on this page and opens the local email client without the email address in the to box), but they are not able to get me my login info. I called beach number and they cannot help me!?

  28. Cquin says:

    I would love to see this converted to an app. I joined a gym that has daycare provided so I don’t have to get up at 4:30am to get my workout in…problem is reception is very poor in the gym. It takes a long time(if at all) to open the app on my phone. Also need to be able to open any day of workout…otherwise need to start at Day 1 of build. Can’t be concerned if people skip workouts. This needs to be user friendly…unless I have missed something?

  29. pbarry says:

    Wish I could track on my pc, I don’t have a smart phone or ipod touch

  30. john says:

    Does the app automatically change the amount of weight for you or do you have to increase on your own .The exercise description shows sets ,reps , and weight – but then at very bottom of description it has sagis suggested weight which do you use????? Any help on these questions – Thanks!

  31. Devyn says:

    I started body beast about 2 weeks ago and i didnt use the app, i just wrote it down on the workout sheets and i dont have the time to log in everything ive done in the past to catch up with the workouts im on now. could you make it to where you can skip ahead a couple weeks or days?

  32. Nick says:

    Totally agree on the warmup & cooldown entries, it’s so tedious to write down that you flexed your left leg and right leg etc (just came upstairs from my build: legs workout !)

    Other than that it’s pretty good. Only other thing I’d love to see is the ability to put a simple note (“easy”, “OK”, “Hard”) so you can remember if you should up the weights for the next round. I can’t always remember if I struggled with a particular weight last time or not. I sort of have to infer it based on my progress through a set.

    Oh and for some reason some exercises don’t have weight entries, like calf raises. But on the ab workout, every ab move has a weight entry, even if there are no weights at all.

    Great program overall, really enjoying it so far and about to move into week #4.

  33. Angela says:

    I have a customer who is using the Body Beast app on his iPhone at the gym and is complaining that every time he makes an entry, the program shuts down. Needless to say he is VERY frustrated. He insists that he is using the most up-to-date operating system (iOS 8.5) and that it’s still crashing. Help!?

  34. Bryan says:

    I have a IPhone 5 and an IPad mini. for the life of me I can not figure out how to get a shortcut icon on either device. Can someone please assist me?

  35. Chad says:

    I would like to see a unified app for beachbody as well. It seems like the p90x app might be a good one to expand. It has some rough edges (difficulties syncing with the super gym and periodic crashes on my iPhone), but
    I liked it pretty well.

    The BodyBeast web tracker has two major issues that make it very cumbersome to use: I have to login with my e-mail and password every time I access the tracker and sometimes even in the middle of my workout (using my
    Phone’s little typing pad, this gets aggravating fast and disrupts the flow of the workout, which is a key aspect of BodyBeast when you are completing certain sets).

    The other problem is already mentioned here: having to click through each step in the warmup routine is extremely tedious and time consuming. It seems like an easy fix to make the warmups work like a giant set or super set, so you don’t have to spend so much unnecessary time navigating through the warmups.

    However, an overall application that also syncs with Apple’s health application, and others, could potentially be a selling point for your already excellent programs. Thanks again for your company’s excellent products. After two rounds of p90x and my initial weeks in BodyBeast, I’m a happy customer.

    I hope my comments are helpful!

  36. Sillypenguin says:

    Is there any way to make so you can share the app. My wife bought this for me but we both want to do the workouts. It would be great if you could have multiple users on the same app. That way both of us could log our results. Maby you could also add a passcode in each order that way instead of being tied to the purchasers account it would be tied to a access code that is different for each order. This would then allow you to gift the program and not have it tied to your account only. Hope you can make these changes.

  37. Cquin says:

    Did you open the website on your Iphone 5 safari browser? At the bottom of the page is a square with an arrow pointing up. Touch that and it will pull up a menu. The bottom row of icons there is and icon “Add to Home Screen” Touch that and an icon will be added to your home screen.

  38. Carl Daikeler says:

    We don’t have any plans to develop the Body Beast Mobile app. We are focusing all efforts on Beachbody on Demand.