Beachbody Challenge Training From Beachbody HQ
15 Dec. 2012

Beachbody Challenge Training From Beachbody HQ

We got our top minds together in Santa Monica to present Beachbody Challenge Group Training. Coaches came from all over the Los Angeles area to experience, first-hand, what this training that’s sweeping the nation, is all about! They learned how to leverage their Challenge Groups and transform their Beachbody businesses.

15 Star Diamond Coach Mike Ryan & Sr. Director of Field Training & Development Denise Needham delivered the in-depth training on how to apply the 3 Vital Behaviors of a Team Beachbody Coach to grow your team and build your business. Now, with these videos, you have the same opportunity to experience the event and learn from the masters.

Part 1 of 1

Part 2 of 2

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2 Responses

  1. Tara says:

    Is the audio not working for anyone for the first video?

  2. Carl Daikeler says:

    Hey Tara,

    Just checked it. It’s working for me, but I did notice it sounds better/louder in my right ear. I was using headphones. Give that a try in the mean time and I’ll look into seeing if it’s something we can fix on our end.