A Tragic Reminder Of Why Your Work Matters
26 Oct. 2012

A Tragic Reminder Of Why Your Work Matters

I received this note this morning from Beachbody Coach Dave Ward.

Good morning Carl,

I have a story to share, that isn’t very happy I’m afraid. The reminders of who we are, what we do and the urgency of the task at hand are often harsh. In June, a man name Adriel Barrera gave us one of those. He had about 100 pounds to lose and was working with one of our Coaches (Ryan Chapman who has himself lost over 100 pounds) and they became very close over about a two year period. Adriel actually decided to become a Coach and became very passionate about our cause, because he saw it as a way to help himself, while helping others. He accepted responsibility for what he had done to his body and then accepted responsibility for changing it. He also had a big WHY: “I am interested in staying alive for my 7 year old daughter and wife”. He was on that path. Unfortunately, Adriel fell victim to a massive heart attack that took his life. He leaves behind a wife and daughter that will undoubtedly miss him very much.

His wife logged into his Facebook account yesterday to give us a message of love and hope, explain the circumstances surrounding his death and to thank Ryan for doing what he did to try and save Adriel’s life. The harsh reality is that we didn’t get to help Adriel quick enough. That hurts quite a lot, as I’m sure you can imagine. Ryan rallied and did what he could to help the family (more on that here), but reality is reality and Adriel Barrera doesn’t get a second chance.

If you are reading this, don’t wait…don’t hesitate…don’t over-think it…stop planning…stop procrastinating…stop trying to figure out the perfect system, and just do it. People that need help are everywhere around you. Find one. Even one can make a huge difference. The life you save may be your own, or it may be someone else’s. That’s who we are and what we do. – Dave Ward.

No one ever enjoys reading these kinds of stories. But worse would be to know of it and not share it in order to avoid a similar outcome for anyone else we can reach sooner than later. For that, I commend Dave for putting this out there.

Adriel’s story is further proof that the consequences of ignoring lifestyle issues are very real, and very painful. Not just painful for the person who’s life is limited or cut short, but for everyone around them who aches. Adriel will be missed, but his example will hopefully help us turn this tragic story into a story of hope for the others we can reach out to…

And we have to do it TODAY. Not tomorrow. Not after the holidays. TODAY. This is our work.
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17 Responses

  1. Chris Watson says:

    Thank you for sharing this Carl. Wow I really hope everyone takes a minute to read this. It is sad but really shows the meaning behind what we as coaches MUST DO. We are the first responders to ending this trend of obesity. It is OUR MISSION and OUR RESPONSIBILITY to get out there and MAKE a difference. Don’t let the fear of rejection or whatever get in your way!

  2. Deb Wheeler says:

    Prayers to Adriel’s family. Very sad and we all must work harder so we end the trend.

  3. Ryan Chapman says:

    All. In the “more on that here” link in Carl’s post, there is a paypal donation link. If you want to give to Adriel’s family, you can do so at that link….a couple already have and I appreciate that. Getting on Shakeology was something that Adriel had to work hard to make happen financially…and he did…I am sure finances are not any better and are probably worse now so any donations could help his wife and daughter make ends meet and/or make healthier choices themselves.

  4. My prayers go out to Adriel’s family. As someone that still has about 100 lbs to lose myself, this is a huge wake-up call to me, both to get my own act in gear once and for all, and to not let the fact that I’m not yet where I want to be stop me from helping other people that need it.

    Thank you for sharing this.

  5. Lily Marmol Rodriguez says:

    Wow, this is so sad! My thoughts & prayers are with his family. It breaks my heart that he was trying to get healthy, but then had this happen. This is the reason I became a coach. There are so many people out there that need our help. We as coaches need to continue to end the trend. I will be sharing this message to help others realize how important their health is.

  6. Tammy Fuller says:

    Powerful story. I am a new coach and this is exactly why I want to help others. I see people who are killing themselves with food every day and I have been there myself. Thank you for posting this.

  7. My Prayers go out to the family and friends of Adriel. Thanks for the reminder to continue to take action now with my own exercise and healthy eating and to continue to help my family and friends make better choices. With the holidays soon approaching I can be easily derailed. Team Beachbody and the Ultimate Reset have helped so much. Thanks Carl Daikeler and the rest to Team Beachbody for all your great products and support.

  8. Definitely a harsh reminder as to why we have to work harder everyday to motivate people to want to change their lives! My thoughts go out to his family!

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  10. Ross Pagat says:

    Thank you for sharing this. It’s a great reminder!!!! Thoughts and prayers go out to the family..

  11. Samantha Braun says:

    Sending love and prayers and hugs to Adriel’s family… Such a sacrifice for another angel in their corner. And in Adriel’s spirit, we have another angel helping people to get well, and stay there <3

    Thanks for getting Adriel's story out, now his goals and mission will continue through us :) His mission will not be waisted. ever.

  12. Carl J. says:

    Such a tragic loss. My heart hurt for Adriel. He will forever be in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks for sharing his story Carl D. his mission will live on through us all.

  13. How horribly tragic. My heart goes out to Adriel’s family. =(

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