Let’s Reward Your Consistency and Commitment Daily, Shall We?
30 Aug. 2012

Let’s Reward Your Consistency and Commitment Daily, Shall We?

Over the years, thousands of people have logged their workouts in the WOWY SuperGym and have won all kinds of great prizes, including some cold, hard cash.

But we haven’t seen the random daily WOWY attendance scale with the growth of the business. So, since our focus is on consistency and healthy results as expressed in the various categories of The Beachbody Challenge contest, we’ve shifted that daily prize money from a random daily drawing to an additional incentive to enter your results in the Beachbody Challenge!  (We call it, cleverly, The Beachbody Challenge Daily Contest! Read on for the details…)

As of Tuesday September 4, 2012, instead of rewarding a prize randomly to someone who logs their workout in WOWY, we are moving the $500 Daily Prize Contest to the Beachbody Challenge.  The $500 Daily Prize will now be awarded to entries with inspirational and motivational stories. Entries will be judged on the compelling nature of their answers to the short questions on the entry form, “before” and “after” photos, stats and/or measurements.

Winning isn’t about who loses the most weight and inches. It’s not about celebrating who is most ripped. It’s about acknowledging the the insights you’ve gained with a daily award. It’s about sharing the hurdles you’ve overcome, and inspiring others with your passion for getting healthy and fit.

Are you going to be the first winner under the new format?  I hope so.  But more important (and this IS important: I want YOU to use these daily winners as additional motivation to achieve your goals and to inspire people around you that success is possible!  This is how we turn up the decibel level on the type of healthy, long-lasting, life-changing results that come from programs like TurboFire, Insanity, Brazil Butt Lift, P90X, using Shakeology, 21 Days of the Beachbody Ultimate Reset, etc etc.  You share with us, we share with the world!

Let’s inspire some people together, shall we?

Now with any transition, we anticipated there would be some questions. Here are the top ones we’ve received so far:

Can I win prizes by logging my workouts in the SuperGym®?
No, as of 9/4/2012, The Beachbody Challenge no longer awards daily prizes through the SuperGym Sweepstakes. Although logging your daily workout(s) in the SuperGym no longer gives you a chance to win a daily cash prize, you can still use it to track your progress, monitor your results and so much more! And don’t worry; we’re still giving out cash prizes each and every day through a new Daily Contest. To learn more, see below.

How do I enter the new Daily Contest for a chance to win $500?
To enter the Daily Contest, submit an entry in The Beachbody Challenge contest at www.TheBeachbodyChallenge.com. You may enter your results once each month (not once each day). Your entry will be considered for a $500 Daily Prize, for a $1,000 Monthly Prize, and (if applicable) a $1,000 Ultimate Health Transformation Monthly Prize.

How does the new Daily Contest work?
When you enter your results in The Beachbody Challenge contest, your answers to essay questions and personal statistics will be judged by Beachbody’s expert panel of judges based on the criteria described in the Daily Contest Official Rules. You may be selected as a $500 Daily Prize winner based on the inspirational, motivational and compelling nature of your story.

If I win a $500 Daily Prize, can I still win other prizes too?
Yes! Winners of a $500 Daily Prize are still eligible to win the Daily Prize again, and even bigger and better prizes in the Monthly, Quarterly and Grand Prize Contest.

The biggest difference between theold daily prize and this new daily Beachbody Challenge prize is that the winners will be selected by a panel  who are looking to acknowledge what it takes to get results the Beachbody way – what it takes to “Get Beachbodied” as it were.

All of this information will hit teambeachbody.com this afternoon.

In the mean time feel free to download the Beachbody Challenge Daily Contest Official Rules here.


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35 Responses

  1. Michelle Taylor says:

    Carl,, I am struggling with this concept in that it doesnt give the incentive to enter the workouts daily…and that someone who has just begun thier journey with say 200 pounds to lose will not have in inspirational story to tell for awhile let alone want to try. The daily random put everyone on the same playing field…you log in, you have a chance to win…like the lottery. Now with judges judging how someone writes a short answer to an essay question seems to eliminate those who are not good with words…eliminate those who feel like they dont have anything to yet inspire anyone with….I myself am a little disgruntled…I am at a point where my body is no longer really changing…so my inspirational story would be over…but if I am randomly chosen to win daily…I still have a chance…it makes me log in daily…it is my accountability. Who is the “Expert” panel? Do they predominantly like Brunettes, or Men? How could it possibly be impartial if thier is judging going on? and with more people now involved…it would seem the chances are even less if you feel like you have to be judged to win. I am not really excited about this change.

  2. The WOWY prize was ok, but clearly not getting much traction and scaling with coach/customer growth, Now you have so many chances/ways to win, and it’s truly for those who are here to inspire people, to transform (whether to lose weight, gain weight, drop cholesterol, reduce reliance on prescriptive meds, rehab an injury, stay active into your 90’s, etc etc.). You are eligible at any time in the process! We’ll acknowledge different types of inspiration constantly. Now, entering the beachbody challenge, which is our focus, will encourage everyone regardless of objective.

  3. Karen says:

    Boooo! I agree with everything Michelle Taylor said.

  4. Mandee Hall says:

    A person that is 200 pounds that finds the courage to make a healthy change is most definitely inspiring- that is a HUGE leap! I think that this new system goes back to the core of Beach Body! It’s not about where you started, but how you are moving forward to a healthier you. It’s DECIDING to change, then making an honest COMMITMENT in order to SUCCEED. I love it!

  5. Shawn says:

    I think it is a mistake as well. People lead very busy lives, the random drawing allowed you to get people into the habit of logging their workouts in with the enticement they could win money like a lottery system and best of all it was simple. We got them to start creating good habits. They could then progress to writing a transformation story and submitting it for the monthly drawings, etc. Now you made the process more complicated and also makes people question the selection process, etc. Also, lead people to think theire is an ulterior motive, perhaps a way for Beachbody to cut costs.

  6. Glenn Akins says:

    I wish we would have been given more of an advanced notice! I just explained the Supergym daily drawing to my contestants starting in my September 3rd Challenge Group! People get excited when they hear that they have a chance to cash in on a prize for working out! Bummer!

  7. Becky says:

    I like the idea. I understand what the others are saying about the ease of the current program, but I think this new program will lead to more success stories which will end up being more motivating.

    Ultimately people should be motivated to get results not just sign in every day and hope to win $500. I’ve never sent in anything because I don’t feel like I’m at my “after” picture even though I have had results. I will be more motivated to send in smaller results as I’m on my way to reaching my goal.

    I don’t know where I heard this before, but it stuck with me and how I see my progression…I don’t have Before and After pictures, I have Before and Now pictures. If I wait until I have a before and after picture I may never enter the contest!

    A question regarding one of the comments above from Shawn…How would this make people think Beachbody is cutting costs…they are still paying out $500 a day? Perhaps I am missing something?

  8. Carl Daikeler says:

    The payouts are exactly the same – $500 to a winner every day. It’s just the format that is changing. No cutting costs.

  9. Carl Daikeler says:

    If anything, the new format increases your chances of winning dramatically. We would get anywhere from 15,000-20,000 people logging into the SuperGym on a daily basis, which means they are entered in with a chance to win the $500. How many of that percentage took it seriously? It’s hard to say. We get about 1,000 submissions for the Beachbody Challenge contest per month. With 28-31 days in a month that averages out to a much higher chance of winning then the old format. The judging panel is a team we’ve assembled to run the Beachbody Challenge and are the same group who picks the winners of the monthly, quarterly, and yearly contests (I don’t even know the winners until after they are announced). They are completely arbitrary and are just looking for great stories. You don’t have to write well or have the best photos or camera. This is supposed to be an inclusive Challenge. More than 1.5 million have taken the Beachbody Challenge this year. I want that number to be 100 million. There’s so much opportunity it’s insane! This change is a positive step in that direction.

  10. Leeann says:

    I think that we need to embrace change. Change is good. I like this new way of doing it. I think it’ll inspire more people to continue to lose weight, yeah log your workouts in, but at the same time like Carl said who’s to say Jo Schmo didn’t just go eat a bag of chips and say here’s to my 500 bucks.

  11. Rich says:

    so how does this effect coaches? in order to be an active coach you have to log 10 workouts a month, whether or not you did a workout or not (at least thats how i was told it works). do we still have to log the workouts, since now we dont have a chance of winning the $$$

  12. Anita says:

    Change, often times we just don’t like it. This new Beachbody Challenge entry will require a little more work but we can still log a workout into the SuperGym. I was never inspired by the cash, I just liked seeing the calendar fill up with workouts, that’s where the accountability comes in for me. Overall, we’re still focusing on the same thing; making healthier food choices and exercising. In the end, we’re all winners.

  13. WingsMediaGuy says:

    I love logging my workouts at WOWY! I have zero incentive except for the idea of just logging workouts. Since I’m not in the USA I’m not eligible for anything. But I like keeping track of my workouts. Thanks for the supergym!

  14. ItzKimbeeZ says:

    I understand what is being said but I think that a lot of people are doing the workouts but not having the time to log on the day of their workouts. I have gone in an added my completed scheduled workouts and it does not go green it goes orange as if it were any other workout. People may be committing to the workout but not having the time to log all the workouts everyday. Hope that helps.

  15. Bradd Goede says:

    Personally, I like the idea. I’m sure some people hit up WOWY just for the chance to win some $$. I’m also sure some signed in without even working out since it was a random draw. Those of us who are coaches need to keep in mind what our mission statement is. We are supposed to be doing this to help others while we help ourselves. If giving away money for clicking in a website is “helping people” so be it. But in my mind, getting out all of these great transformations and personal stories connects our entire Team Beachbody community and should be what we are promoting, not just the chance to win money. I’m pretty sure that seeing someone’s transformation will inspire others to join our cause much more than just the possibility of winning money. I know not all will share my views, but for me it’s about the challenge and the change and helping others and these stories are invaluable.

  16. Maria says:

    Jeez people, calm down and embrace change. It’s the only constant in this life. The new format is better, they’re still giving away the same amount of money daily. If it seems like too much work answering the essay questions, pics etc… then perhaps you don’t want it bad enough. Be proud of where you are and where you’re going no matter what stage in the game you’re at and don’t be afraid to put in a little more effort in order for a chance to win.

  17. bill burse says:

    I don’t like the new for mate and I’m not good atblowing my own horn. I’ve already inspire people at age 66 doing P90X, I’ve transform , lose weight, , drop cholesterol, reduce reliance on prescriptive meds, rehab an injury, stay active into your 90′s, etc etc. Never weight 200lbs

  18. Wafflz4u says:

    I agree with Maria! this is a really smart change. I always thought it was weird that Beachbody would give away all that money to people who may or may not be working out. this is about ending the trend of obesity and inspiring people to get healthy; i’m really committed to that goal, and there was no way of knowing whether or not that’s what was actually going on with workouts logged in WOWY. At the end of the day, the proof is in the pudding. Making this a results-based contest is going to encourage people to achieve tangible results, and that’s the whole point! That’s how we’re going to end the trend. Sure, it’s a lot harder than clicking a button. Getting fit and healthy is pretty hard too, but you know what? it’s worth it. If you want a chance to win $500, $1,000 or even $100,000, which are substantial amounts of money, I don’t think sharing your story once it’s too much to ask. that’s a deal i’m happy to take, and since it’s a higher hoop to jump through, i bet less people are going to do it, which makes my odds of winning that much better. I’m happy about this from every angle.

  19. Spikes says:

    I don’t understand why a monetary incentive needs to be involved for those that are doing the programs to better themselves. Surely just the ‘getting where you want to be’ is enough?

    I’m a diabetic (type 1, so not diet related) that found myself putting on weight and not liking the way I look. As I’ve done various exercise programs like Beachbody I’ve found that the general issues that I had that are related to diabetes (high cholesterol, using more insulin to reduce sugar) have reduce dramatically, and it’s put a different perspective on a healthy lifestyle for me. I realise that I’m possibly in a minority in that I’m doing this now for health reasons (although I *am* looking a lot hotter :)), but really, money over being healthy and looking good? I suppose it depends what you’re after.

    Beachbody, as far as I’ve seen, are accessible and do-able. Everyone that does this stuff should first be proud that they get involved in it as there is a bit of stigma involved in ‘DVD’ exercise programs, and even more proud that they continue, finish and get where they want to be – financial incentive or not.


  20. Jess says:

    Well said Anita, I completely agree.

  21. Marangelie says:

    In total agreement with Bradd Goode. This ahould be the focus of every coach, to inspire others to acheive their goals, both physically and financially.
    Love the new idea Carl. These transformation are what sell the product!! We are the product of the product and sharing other’s transformation is a great way to promote the business!!
    I have never been a fan of entering my workouts on the WOWY because I’m more visual and I mark my workouts on my calendar and have it on a bulletin board in my gym.

  22. Josh says:

    how does this make sense for people who are in shape, that continue to log workouts in WOWY!! one of the great perks of signing in and doing the workout, was 1: to be healthy and to make sure i was staying on track but also the chance to win some money.

  23. Because that story in and of itself is worth acknowledging! Why do you discount your self so much? Do you know how big a deal it is that you astay consistent/ A big enough deal that i don’t want to leave it to some random computer selection to acknowledge you, I want to celebrate what you do from the mountaintops! keep at it, enter the challenge! And, oh yeah. let me send you some money for helping us do the HARDEST THING – ENDING THE TREND OF OBESITY!

  24. Josh. Let;s get after this. Let’s stop kidding around with some random contest. Who are you here to help? #1 = You. #2 = Everyone else. So this contest is about encouraging YOU to help EVERYONE ELSE with your inspiration. I know you have an amazing story. Submit it. Let’s inspire some people.

  25. MommyX8 says:

    I am all for this change. I don’t press play for a sweepstakes. I press play as I am on a mission to lose the weight that I have gained over 8 babies (6 years of pregnancy and 10 years of nursing, not to mention 19 years of homeschooling.) I have lost 54 pounds this year alone and while I may not make it to monthly winner status, Beachbody has changed my life.

  26. Josef Koelbl III says:

    Question: will you be ‘culling’ through Challenge results you’ve received since the beginning of the Beachbody Challenge concept or is it results received starting 9/4?

  27. I believe we go through the prior month’s entries and post winners in the next month. That means entries in July will be posted/win in Sept

  28. Donna says:

    I really like the idea of making the contest about the success stories themselves whether they are for crazy huge changes in weight and fitness or someone figuring out how to stay consistent with their program despite challenges. They are all part of leading healthy and fulfilling lives and I’m grateful for any awards Beachbody contributes above and beyond the obvious!

  29. Chad says:

    Personally, I agree with Michelle Taylor. My gf and I have logged many workouts into WOWY, with the only reason being to have a chance to win the daily prize. Now, I won’t be logging my workouts into WOWY, as I feel there is no reason for me to do so.

    What really frustrates me, though, is that I can now never have a chance to win the daily prize. I committed to the Beachbody Challenge, and when it was time to submit my success story, I was unable. You see, at the bottom of the form is a spot that requires you to sign your name to the following: “I __________ got these before and after results using the P90X program and following the P90X nutrition plan. And all results were completed in a 90-day time Period.”

    Though I followed the program to a tee, I could never follow the nutrition plan because I have many food allergies, too many to follow the nutrition guide. I eat as healthy as possible each and every day and struggle to be as healthy as anyone can. I read tons of nutrition articles and studies all the time just to make sure I’m eating as healthy as I can be within my food allergy limits. Alongside that, I have completed several rounds of P90X, a P90X, P90X+ hybrid, a P90X, P90X+, and P90X One on One hybrid, Insanity: Asylum Volume 1, and am now in my third week of Body Beast. But, I cannot sign the success form because I would have to lie to do so, and I have too much integrity to do that.

  30. Lee Anne says:

    Any plans to make the Beachbody Challenge open to Canadians? I logged my workouts in SuperGym despite knowing that I could never win anything.

  31. Sarah Y says:

    Chad – I’m on the Beachbody Challenge team. I’m sorry about the confusion. Although we always encourage a healthy diet, we do not require that people follow any specific nutrition plan to enter The Beachbody Challenge. It looks like the language you are referring to came from a form unrelated to The Beachbody Challenge. We are thrilled to hear that you are having such success with Beachbody programs and are sure that you will continue to see results with Body Beast. We love when people share their transformation stories with us and encourage you to do so through The Beachbody Challenge.

    Please feel free to email us with any questions at thebeachbodychallenge@beachbody.com. We look forward to receiving your story!

  32. Carl Daikeler says:

    Ideally, we want to include the whole world in the Beachbody Challenge. There are certain laws and regulations we have to overcome and abide by that make that process harder than I ever imagined. That being said, it’s something we are working on. In the mean time, stay focused on what you can control, and that’s your fitness journey and inspiring others to start their own journey! That way if/when the Beachbody Challenge opens up to Canada and beyond, you are ready to rock and roll.

  33. Chad says:

    The document I’m referring to was a waiver sent by Alison at “Your Beachbody Success Story Department”. The original e-mail (modified to remove the phone number) received after submitting my Beachbody Challenge success story was as follows:
    “Hey Chad,
    Wow, thanks for sending those along! Great transformation and I love how
    clearly they are labeled. THANK YOU! I’m attaching some waivers here which
    will allows us to potentially use your story and photo testimonial! You
    can print, sign, and then either scan or fax to xxx-xxx-xxxx. Let me know
    if you have any questions, and congratulations again!

  34. Zac says:

    Not everybody is going to like the new format. I for one support this new format. It gives me an incentive to actually get results.

  35. Sarah Y says:

    Chad – Alison sent you another email today, reach out to her if you have any other questions!