The Beachbody Challenge 2012 Winners
26 Jun. 2012

The Beachbody Challenge 2012 Winners

In its simplest terms, the Beachbody Challenge is a fitness competition. The rules are clear: Share your story and your results from any Beachbody program and you automatically have a shot at winning $100,000. But if you ask our 2012 grand prize winners, Richard Neal and Kathy Mcdonald, who each won $100,000 for their hard work, it means much, much more.

For them, and everyone else who commits, the Beachbody Challenge represents an opportunity to take your life back. Their journeys started about two years ago when they took a chance, stepped out of their comfort zone, and started working out with Tony Horton, doing Power 90 and P90X.

Now, I don’t want to make anyone cry… oh heck, yeah I do. These videos are pretty emotional. Take a look at their stories.

Pretty incredible.

I heard from Kathy earlier today:

“I can’t thank you enough Carl, for what you have done for me and my family! Just having this chance at a new life was a prize! You’re our top leader and I’m proud to be paying this baby forward as much as I can! My husband has already “committed to paying it forward” with my sister! I love this company of yours, what it represents, what it’s doing and every single person involved with it!”

That’s amazing to hear. It makes me feel good and shows me we are doing something right. It validates how this business is about people, our connection to them, and illustrates the opportunity we are all holding to positively influence lives. Kathy and Richard’s stories are unique, but there are many similar ones out there just waiting to be written. A lot has to happen for a transformation like theirs to be seen all the way through. The biggest obstacles standing in the way are: the knowledge on how to get started, the belief that IT IS possible to reclaim your life, and the support to continue when the journey gets difficult. For every success story, there’s dozens more that never get off the ground.

But this is the best part. Team Beachbody was designed for this reason. Team Beachbody has the chance to create thousands of stories like Richard, Kathy, Matt, Hiram, and everyone else who takes the Beachbody Challenge. It’s the most rewarding thing you can do. Talking to Richard and Kathy after the show was the highlight of my Summit. I could see first-hand the impact this moment was having on their lives and how their journey had come full circle. Now, like Kathy said above, they are on their way to making it happen for someone else.

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