Mandy L Transforms Life With P90X; Excels With Certification
28 Nov. 2012

Mandy L Transforms Life With P90X; Excels With Certification

Mandy L, a newly certified Personal Trainer and P90X Certified Trainer, battled weight issues most of her teen life and well into her 20s. As we often see, her self-esteem and confidence were dipping with every pound gained. Hectic schedules, tragedies in the family, and pregnancy contributed to a situation where Mandy felt like her life was out of control and as a result her health suffered.

Days before her 30th birthday Mandy was talking with her Grandmother, recapping the past 10 years. Her Grandmother said something that rang like a gun shot to her ears: “Your 30s will be the best years of your life.” Mandy thought about those words for a while and then realized if her Grandmother was right, she needed to stop feeling sorry for herself, and shed the weight holding her back.

Her fitness journey began… slowly. She experimented with restrictive diets and expensive weight-loss clinics, finding some success, but unable to sustain any real weight loss.

Enter P90X.

Mandy’s Team Beachbody Coach, Jeremy Yost, introduced her to the 90-day program and three rounds later, she had dropped 110 pounds. Naturally, people started taking notice and asking Mandy how they could experience freedom, confidence, and success like hers. So, she became a Beachbody Coach and started helping everyone she could.

For a while, Beachbody Coaching was just a part-time gig for Mandy. But, as her passion for health and fitness intensified, she started looking for more. First, she decided to become a Certified Personal Trainer. Then, around the same time, she heard about P90X Certification and was immediately intrigued.

“I really wanted to the be the expert and be able to train my clients in the same program that I know works. I felt like it would also help me in my Coaching business,” she said. Then when she met Tony Horton at Coach Summit in Las Vegas this past June, she was sold.

“I had been waiting in line to meet Mr. Tony Horton himself. I kept watching his reaction when people would tell him about their transformations. I can only imagine how many transformations this man has seen, yet each one he learned about seemed like the first he had ever heard.

He was genuinely excited for these people, which told me he truly does care about the lives he’s changing. Then I stepped up and showed him my before and after photos. I was almost in tears and he took the time to really stop and look. He held them up for the crowd to see and made a big deal. That’s when I knew I wanted to be a part of his team of P90X Certified Trainers, and I’m so glad I chose to become a part of that.”


Since becoming P90X Certified Mandy has been approached by two different facilities in her hometown that requested she lead the charge in making P90X part of their arsenal. She was offered a position as a trainer and has built up a solid client base. It has started consuming so much of her time, she’s on the way to leaving her full-time sales job and becoming a full time personal trainer. (UPDATE 11/28:) Mandy is a full-time Team Beachbody Coach and Personal Trainer now!) To top it off, she also got a call from another local trainer who opened his own private studio and recognized the power of the P90X brand. He recruited Mandy to help him with his new endeavor and offered her a percentage for bringing in new clients. P90X Certification has opened doors she never even knew existed.

Perhaps the most compelling part of Mandy’s story is her ability to relate to her clients. Having already experienced nearly every emotion, fear, and obstacle that stands in the way of living a healthy, fulfilling life, she has a unique perspective to share.

“My first call was from a mom scheduling a consultation for her son who she described as ‘needing some confidence.’ The gym I’m working at told her we had a new P90X trainer (me) & that P90X is popular with young athletes. I met this kid who is 6’1″, 198 pounds and I asked him why he was there. As he was choking back tears, he said “I don’t like what I see in the mirror”. He thought he was meeting with someone who’s always been in great shape so I had to break it to him. “I haven’t been fit my whole life, I’ve had to work for it, and if you’re willing to work for it, I’ll train you to get results like me using P90X.” I placed my iPad in front of him, with my own transformation photos, and his entire demeanor changed. He saw hope. He got so excited and his mom saw the change in him. They couldn’t schedule their first session soon enough. That encounter really made me realize to never underestimate the power of giving someone hope through P90X. Our ability to help people learn how to change their bodies, which transforms their lives, is hope for many people.  It was and continues to be my hope.”

P90X Certification has also taken Mandy’s fitness knowledge to a new level, and a result, her Coaching business has accelerated. She cites an increase in confidence to speak more specifically to customers about P90X and really help them understand the different nutrition phases of the program as well as the periodizations to help them maximize results.

I’m sharing Mandy’s store with you because it has all the elements of success, and she’s still churning away. It started with the simple, but incredibly difficult decision to push play on what is considered one of toughest in-home workouts ever put on DVD. Success breeds success and after losing the weight, Mandy’s eyes were opened to a new world. Now, she’s lives the Team Beachbody philosophy of helping people achieve their goals and enjoy, healthy fulfilling lives and walking the talk by doing the same for herself. I’m proud to work this business with such inspiring people. Thank you, Mandy!


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  1. Kelly Youmans says:

    Congratulations to you, Mandy. You are a true inspiration and I feel honored to have had the opportunity to learn a bit about your journey. I am honored to be on this road with you and Carl. Thanks again, for sharing Mandy’s story, Carl. :)

  2. addition to last comment.

  3. Garrhett says:

    Mandy- Congratulations! Very inspiring!

  4. julie says:

    what i enjoy hearing in these stories is how many rounds or how many programs it took to accomplish. you look amazing and give us all hope