Build Your Teams With The Beachbody Challenge Guides
05 Feb. 2013

Build Your Teams With The Beachbody Challenge Guides

There’s a lot information in the Coach Online Office. It can probably be overwhelming for some new Coaches. The other day, I was combing through the documents and I started to wonder, “what piece of information is the most valuable?” Or in other words, “if I was a Coach and could only share one thing with my Team, what would it be?”

The answer: The Beachbody Challenge Guides.

We are continually seeing the not-so-secret recipe to building strong teams is through Challenge Groups. When you put together a Challenge Group, it’s amazing how people rise to the challenge and work harder to meet their fitness goals. The guides are chock full of tips and suggestions to use as you assemble your groups, from the first day of your Group to the last.

I also talked to some of the Leaders at CAB and reached out to them on Facebook for some direct feedback on how they’ve used the Challenge Guides to work the business. Here are a few of the top answers:

“We use them in a couple of ways. I have five group pages for the Team Challenges based on the trainer. For example, ‘Team Victory with Tony Horton’ page, etc. We use the Challenge Guides in there via Hootsuite so there’s consistency regardless of what’s happening, but of course we also support those pages every day. We also use the Challenge Guides as a daily email to the person based on their starting date in the program. We paid to have someone copy and paste them into our email system–MailChimp. This way the person also gets that extra touch aside from the live stuff.”

“I use the guides to write pre-written broadcast emails. I tweak it, own the material, make it mine. Once someone commits to a challenge they get placed in a queue with a start date. The email forwarding system sends the corresponding weekly email as we go through the Challenge. This works because I let people start when they want. I never turn anyone away or make them wait. They start, I set them up in the system (written from the guides) and get them rolling in the Challenge Group.”

“I use them all the time in my groups. I like groups with people not doing the same program. I like to get people with 3 different workouts. When I post the Challenge Videos, the participants get to see the OTHER workouts, and already have their sights set on their next workout program. Then I will introduce Coaching and the opportunity to get the program for 25% off and they are thrilled.”

“I use the guides all the time. It makes it easy for new Coaches to step up and lead a group early on. They are so helpful.”

You get the idea. The information is there, but it’s up to you to make it work for you and your groups.

Has anyone else seen success using the Beachbody Challenge Guides?

(*FYI: You need to be logged in to your Coach account to access the Guides. Here’s the path: > coach > coach online office > sales and marketing > beachbody challenge > beachbody challenge group guides) or you can use the direct link here: Beachbody Challenge Group Guides.

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2 Responses

  1. Chad Pink says:

    The guides are awesome but I would LOVE to see a guide made exclusively for a group with mixed programs.

  2. Reina Floyd says:

    I would ♡ to get the 10 Beachbody Challenge Commitments in OF format.