30 Jan. 2013

Anne’s Ultimate Reset Journey

Anne G’s experience with the Beachbody Ultimate Reset was so good the first time around, she went back for more. After losing 16 pounds in the first 21 days, Anne moved on to Les Mills Pump for a few months and dropped another 10 pounds. She needed a break from working out so turned back to the Reset and lost another 16 pounds – bringing her grand total to 42 pounds lost.

The physical changes are nice, but as Anne will tell you, it’s what the Reset does for other parts of your life than matter the most. Check it out… Anne’s Ultimate Reset

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One Response

  1. kim brooks says:

    Wow, fantastic results! I am such a fan of the reset, I’ve been thinking of doing another one and now that there is the refill kit, I may do it after I finish my P90x round!