The New and Improved Greenberry Shakeology Is Here!
06 May. 2013

The New and Improved Greenberry Shakeology Is Here!

We decided it was time to give the original Greenberry a makeover – to bring it up to speed with the newest changes to Shakeology. And we’ve taken this opportunity to improve the taste as well! Our R&D team has delivered some pretty amazing improvements and we are excited about what they have accomplished.

A New, Panel-Tested, Better Tasting Formula!

In February, we initiated a Greenberry Sensory Panel and put the new, improved formula to the test with panelists consisting of both Coaches and customers. Our panel overwhelmingly favored this newer Greenberry formula. How’d we do it? Well…

First off, we added Shakeology’s newest superfoods: Luo Han Guo, Moringa and Himalayan Salt.  Then, we added in some pea protein and for additional fiber, we increased the amount of super-greens (it is Greenberry after all!), and included an even sweeter, fruitier natural flavor which works more harmoniously with the formula.


Greenberry Got Healthier, Too!

We also have made some remarkable health improvements to Greenberry:

  • Reduced calories from 140 to 130
  • Cut sugars from 11g to 6g,
  • Dropped total carbs from 19g to 13g,
  • Increased protein from 16g to 17g, and
  • Increased fiber from 3g to 4g!


The Fine Print.

  • The new formula will begin shipping TODAY (Monday, May 6th)!


  • You don’t need to do anything as those of you on Home Direct (autoship) will automatically be switched over to this newest customer-approved better-tasting Greenberry.


  • You’ll know you get the new better-tasting Greenberry formula because it will have new imagery on the bag showing delicious mouthwatering fruit and healthy greens.


  • If you LOCKED IN the old Greenberry price on your HD order, never fear! You will still receive this new & improved Greenberry at the original ($119.95) price.


  • For those of you who loved the original, guess what! You can still get it (24-count cartons only) for limited time, while supplies last! Just go to the Shakeology shop on to place your order.



Listen to Michael Neimand announce Greenberry Shakeology on the TBB Wake Up Call.

Now, It’s Up To You

Use our social postcards. Talk to your customers. Talk to strangers. Talk to anyone who will listen. You and I know that everyone can benefit from Shakeology, but everyone comes to that realization at different times. Stay patient, stay persistent and let them know when they’re ready to get serious about their nutrition, Shakeology is here to help.

Download the official Greenberry Launch Flyer

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4 Responses

  1. deefly says:

    When I first heard people hated Greenberry Shakeology, I knew I had to try it. The expensive price tag led me to procrastinate. I finally got a bag (ok, the new version), and I love the taste. I make it with coconut water & banana. If you like Odwalla Super Food (the green one) or Naked Green Machine, you will likely like this. Greenberry has a very mild flavor in comparison. If you haven’t tried these, they both have a banana/apple flavor, despite the scary-looking green color. I also like the Chocolate Shakeology, but chocolate is hard to mess up. Greenberry is more interesting to me than chocolate. Good job, BB.

  2. Debbie Tudor says:

    This has become my favorite flavor… And I have bought them all!