26 Feb. 2012

Team Challenge Top 25 Leaderboards: Into the Home Stretch

We’re entering the home stretch of the Success Club Team Challenge and boy, are there some deadlocks, ties and close calls in this horse race! Some are neck and neck, some are all tied up and some have only a point or two separating them.

Here are the Top 25 teams in the Success Club Team Challenge. These teams are vying to make the Top 10 team contest winners. Every team member needs to individually reach Level 1 for the team to qualify for overall Top 10 in the

All points are as of February 19, 2012 and include Coach sign ups, Rank Advancements, Challenge Pack Sales and Success Club Points .

I wonder who is going to start up some more Beachbody Challenge Groups, sell come Challenge Packs, or maybe build some new Shakeology business with new Tropical Strawberry? These rankings might change and if tradition dictates, it’s likely to be a fierce battle to make the Top 10!

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