Give Me Your Shakeology Elevator Pitch!
12 Feb. 2013

Give Me Your Shakeology Elevator Pitch!

I’m kicking off a quick 3-day video extravaganza on my Facebook page and I want to hear your 60-second “elevator pitch” for Shakeology.

Here’s the deal. Let’s say you’re hopping on the 12th floor, wearing and sharing in your Shakeology t-shirt. One of the other passengers asks you, “What’s Shakeology?” Now you’ve got until the lobby to discuss Shakeology – how do you start?

How do you describe the amazing nutrition and health benefits? What do you say to open up the conversation and leave it open for future talks? This could potentially happen anywhere – your kid’s sporting events, the grocery store, the gym, etc. The important part is what you say when you’re crunched for time and know there’s somebody that could benefit from hearing about the Healthiest Meal of The Day.

A well-rehearsed elevator pitch could enhance your business and boost your sales. And you’ll look like a true product of the product, because it will be authentic and customized to fit YOU, so it will roll off your tongue with the greatest of ease.

So, why don’t you share your elevator pitch with us? For your time, we’re giving away 50 free Shakeology t-shirts to 50 random entries.

If you’ve got your pitch mastered, you can click here now to enter: Enter your Shakeology elevator pitch! You will record the video directly on the Facebook page and watch it upload automatically. Technology is amazing, huh?

If you still need some time to hone your pitch, it’s okay because I’m keeping submissions open until Saturday night.

Thanks… I’m looking forward to hearing how you work your magic!

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One Response

  1. Karen Farmer says:

    Hi Carl,
    Could we please have available to us a tall tri fold brochure on Shakeology….
    listing ingredients and what each ingredient is known to do for the body
    a nice piece that we could purchase that has the comparison to the other fitness drinks.
    Thank you!
    Karen Farmer