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19 Jun. 2006

July 1st — You Are Invited!

That’s the news at Beachbody and WOWY — we’ve just launched the BETA version of a WOWY invitation tool to help people get (and give) workout support! The existing Success Buddies feature has done pretty well, but now it gets even better because you can invite people to workout when you’ve put your schedule together. […]

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09 Jun. 2006

Fat? Good for you? Watchu talkin’ bout Willis?

Got fat? The more I hear, the more I feel like I haven’t been paying attention. When did the world realize that all fat is not all “fattening”. Why didn’t anyone call me? I can remember Susan Powter’s “Stop the Insanity” infomercial where she knowingly held up five pounds of crystallized fat and proclaimed something […]

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20 May. 2006

"Show me the pout. Come on. Work it! Work it!"

When our web design team puts together emails and web promotion pages, sometimes we have great photos from the catalog we get at Fitness Camps, the Hawaii Trip, or other resources. It occurred to me this week when I saw this image of “Girl with Banana Mouth” on the meal planning page at MyBeachbody that […]

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14 May. 2006

It’s On! Sign Up!

Yes! Tony’s New York camp is (finally) taking reservations. And the page even has exciting video to show how much fun you’ll have getting to rub shoulders with the Mayor of Fitnessville, Mr. Tony Horton. Ok. Here’s the bottom line. We don’t make a lot of money on these events. But there is a HUGE […]

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12 May. 2006

"Easy" Won’t Get You Ripped

Traci Does P90X Plyo Yesterday I was working with Ned, the filmmaker behind the look and feel of P90X. We were digging into the infomercial, looking for the best way to tweak the show to motivate reasonably fit people to dig down and reach for the ultimate physique in just 90 days of extreme work, […]

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