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30 Mar. 2006

Further to that last post…

Here is a recent post by Shantel, the object of that last bit of motivation, clearly “getting it”: Hey Pioneers..It’s day 85 of P90. The 10K was today. I placed last out of everyone. My time was 2:07:35. I am proud of that. At mile 4 I was exhausted and ready to quit. I was …

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24 Mar. 2006

You gotta love these people!

Whether you are logging into WOWY to do a Turbo Jam workout with Chalene Johnson’s passionate posse, or staying focused for 90 days with a body carving round of Power 90 or P90X, the MyBeachbody community’s pulse is driven by the commitment of its members to help each other succeed. MyBeachbody coach Virgina runs a …

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15 Mar. 2006

So little time, so many House Parties

A thousand Turbo Jam house parties on May 6th, to be exact! We’re trying something completely new to get friends and neighbors to pull together to lose weight and get in shape in ten-day, Turbo Jam style! Introducing the first ever Turbo Jam House Parties!Beachbody is launching an initiative where 1,000 select Turbo Jam fans …

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14 Mar. 2006

"In Case of Boredom, Break Routine"

For those of us who have been doing Power 90 sculpt since 2000, and still enjoy its efficiency of a total body circuit in around 40 minutes, here’s a little tip if you want to get away from the TV; Set-up stations around the house so you move from station to station… kind of like …

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03 Mar. 2006

A busy week, and a $5,000 winner

This week we started testing the new Power 90 Fat Burning Express show, shot more footage for the Slim in 6 revision (with Beachbody standout Traci Morrow playing the role of “fitness demonstration pixie”), shot a great testimonial for Yoga Booty Ballet featuring celeb YBB devotee Tori Spelling, secured an airdate to launch Kathy Smith’s …

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