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17 Dec. 2005

People Make It Happen

I could write volumes about the quality of the staff at Beachbody and Product Partners and I’d still never totally capture the enthusiasm, professionalism, and team culture that you can feel when you step through the door. Last night was our annual holiday blow-out, which has come a long way since the very first dinner …

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14 Dec. 2005

Power 90 Never Stops

This is one of those posts that reads like a sales pitch. But, honestly, I am just so proud of this product, I am indulging myself. We’re in the final stages of shooting the next Power 90 infomercial this week, and the amazing-train that is Power 90 continues to chug down the Beachbody tracks. I …

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08 Dec. 2005

Express Plans… Why They Matter

We just completed a couple new 6-day express test groups, and I am constantly amazed at the motivation people get from the numbers. It is enlightening to hear someone bragging about losing “ten pounds in 6 days”, especially when they fully understand that often much of it is water weight. It’s that sense of accomplishing …

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01 Dec. 2005

Getting Ready For January

Here it is the first of December, and I’m already thinking ahead to the launch of the big “Body Transformation Season, 2006″ that gets into gear on New Years Day. I just got off the phone with the programmers and told them I want to launch the year with a $1,000 WOWY contest that will …

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25 Nov. 2005


I am guessing the great Bloggosphere is filled with Thanksgiving lists of gratitude… and mine won’t be any different… I am one lucky guy, most of all because of the people that surround me, friends and family alike, especially a five year old named Ava. I am so grateful I have taken the time to …

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