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11 May. 2006

Happy Anniversary Beachbody!

With today, the first birthday of this blog, I wanted to also commemorate the 7-year anniversary of our very first Beachbody order on May 11th, 1999 from a woman named Hope Putnam. Hope ordered the Great Body Guaranteedâ„¢ collection. Since then it’s been a constant struggle between celebrating the excitement of success and constant innovation …

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09 May. 2006

Faux Sweeteners Creating Real Problems

Generally, I am not in favor of things that are labeled “artificial”. And artificial sweeteners are a good example. Whether they’re in diet soda, coffee, cereal, whatever, the growing body of evidence against the pink, blue, and yellow alternatives, is clear: Unless you want to be an unknowing lab rat in the long term public …

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06 May. 2006

It’s Time To Party!

Jam On! Today it’s time to move, to groove, and to burn that stored energy – with reckless intent on success, mutual support, and having fun! It’s the kick-off “house party day” for Beachbody’s test of a new fitness/weight loss motivation concept called “Turbo Jam House Party” and the neighborhood slim down. In over 1300 …

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22 Apr. 2006

Sailing to Beachbodyland

Reading the Beachbody message boards, I am so impressed by people who handle any set back along the way to success with grace and determination instead of anger and blame. No challenge along the way should ever be a surprise or even a set back to a fixed goal. The challenge just “is”. Losing weight …

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14 Apr. 2006

In a New York State of Mind

In case you were planning/hoping for a Tony Horton Fitness Camp in the Northeast this year I have good news: We have decided to proceed with the New York camp in July, Fri 7/14, Sat 7/15 and Sun 7/16. My understanding is that the event will take place in the same “ranch” type setting as …

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