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06 Feb. 2006

Read the cover, you read the book

I love when a simple hook helps make it as simple for people to get results. I experienced it when the simplicity of the 8 Minute Abs videos I produced sold a couple million copies, then got teased in TV sitcoms, the Tonight Show, and a movie. Beachbody experienced it when Michi’s ladder made food …

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03 Feb. 2006

Early AM Power 90 Sculpt Tip

If getting right out of bed for a resistance workout is as difficult for you as it is for me, I wanted to share a quick tip: Use the first round as a warm-up round. This morning I wanted to do a Power 90 Sculpt workout at 6AM… not my favorite time to go for …

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26 Jan. 2006

Live in Miami, It’s Tony Horton!

The email is going out today inviting MyBeachbody members to the first official Beachbody weekend event – TONY HORTON LIVE in MIAMI!. Members have the first right to attend, then if there’s still room, we’ll open it up to the community at large. The event is Friday March 31st to Sunday April 2, and it …

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16 Jan. 2006

"Same Shirt … Same Shot … New Tom"

Okay. I am taking another liberty here, to show off. A while ago I mentioned the success of RESPONSE MAGAZINE editor Thomas Haire as he put Power 90 to the test in front of audience of the direct response advertising industry’s leading trade publication. His latest editor’s column just appeared, featuring his side-by-side before and …

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