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14 Oct. 2006

Tunahaki AFRICA Orphanage – UPDATE!

Just one month until the kids from Tunahaki get on a plane for the first time in their lives, headed to Los Angeles to visit Beachbody, perform for schools in the area, and tour multiple locations that will inspire them to reach new heights with their acrobatics thanks to Cirque Du Soleil and others. The […]

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11 Oct. 2006

Get the kids! Time to get scared straight

One of the fun things about having a blog is breaking the conventional expectations of what a “CEO Blog” is supposed to be about. How about a little dentistry? 8AM… Nice and numb — five novacaine shots to start the morning in preparation to replace three teeth that I neglected as a kid. I think […]

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06 Oct. 2006

The Power of Intention, YBB, and Success

For those of you looking for such a thing as clarity in directing your life in a way that will make you happy, there’s a book by Dr. Wayne Dyer called The Power of Intention which I want to recommend. I especially want to recommend the book to anyone who understands that weight gain is […]

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20 Sep. 2006

"You’re late…Drop and give me 20"

It was so nice to visit with everyone at the Chicago camp this weekend and watch many of the success stories who I’ve met in the past who have maintained, improved or completely surpassed their former results by living the lifestyle.Just as fun was meeting the new people who will no doubt soon be framed […]

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