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04 Dec. 2006

Hip Hop, Beachbody Style

If you want a fun way to get incredible abs, we gotta hot one! I hinted about a program in development at the company beach party last summer, and now its almost here: Shaun T’s Hip Hop Abs… our first comprehensive aerobic/dance dvd system completely committed to shrinking and tightening your waistline without a single […]

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01 Dec. 2006

Honestly, It’s Not Easy

This morning, as so many mornings, I contemplated blowing off my workout, and blowing off those members I had committed to join in WOWY. I hadn’t slept well. My ankle, still healing from the summer tragedy on the kite tube was tight and painful, and the bed was alarmingly comfortable. “What’s one day?”“Who’s gonna miss […]

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11 Nov. 2006

Plug Into Pure Humanity

If you are ever overwhelmed by the demands of work/family/life and want to plug into some perspective, find a way to witness humanity so pure and substantial that the pettiness of daily life falls away. That was my experience Thursday morning. Scott Fifer brought a troupe of Tanzanian children, who are on a fundraising tour […]

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08 Nov. 2006

And in other news, Turbo fans…

YES! Two all new Turbo Jam workouts are finally here! Chalene, her crew, and the Beachbody development team have really done it this time, combining Chalene’s energy and kicking music with a unique approach to using the core/thigh/bun tightening swiss ball. The Turbo Jam library keeps getting better! All the info should be available on […]

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03 Nov. 2006

A Million Reasons To Get Fit In 2007

If you are a Beachbody success story, or even thinking about submitting your photos and story for consideration, this post is for you! Let’s imagine you were visiting the Beachbody headquarters in the next couple of weeks, and I see you in the hall while you admire the hundreds of customer before-and-after photos lining the […]

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