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26 Dec. 2005

$1000 giveaway on Sunday! You ready to win?

As of this entry over 160 people have set their WOWY workout schedule for Sunday Jan 1 at 1PM ET/10AM PT. That’s when we’ll be choosing one member to win the $1,000 cash prize – at 10AM – just for starting off the New Year the healthy, WOWY-way! Click here for the official rules plus …

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23 Dec. 2005

Merry Christmas

And so it’s Christmas. What’s it really mean? It means one week to January first man! New Year’s Resolution time. Ring up the sales!Oh. No it doesn’t. That’s not what it means. Christmas is a day of giving… Of birth. (and for Mary, giving birth). So what’s the CEO of a fitness company got to …

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21 Dec. 2005

What’s With The Pricey Push Up Stands?

You might think we’re coo-coo, offering push-up stands for almost $40 when we already sell a set for $19.95. Well, yes. We are coo-coo. But once you touch these, you’ll understand; we’re coo-coo like a fox, and you’ll want the Power Stands for your home gym too. This is what happens when, a trainer that …

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19 Dec. 2005

WOWY Live — aka "Fitness Camps"

In my chat the other night I announced that we would be scheduling at least four live weekend events in 2006. We are calling them “WOWY Live” events since the principal point is to get people together to workout with Tony Horton and other Beachbody trainers. The basic plan looks like this: Miami, FL – …

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