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26 Jul. 2006

Consistently… Drinking

As a guy who likes to enjoy a social summertime cocktail, I was recently surprised at how intense it was to stop consuming alcohol for a few weeks. I thought I would have no problem. But apparently the drink a day or a few a few times a week was training my system to count […]

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22 Jul. 2006

The Best of the Boards Is Just Showing Up

I continue to be inspired by the people who invest time and energy into a lifestyle transformation and use helping others succeed as fuel for their motivation. This is the experience of the message boards of These boards are the opposite of the competitive gym locker room. Within this simply constructed community is a […]

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15 Jul. 2006

Kite Tube — Ouchie

Doesn’t matter what kind of shape you are in. When you push your limits, do something stupid, show off, or do all three, you can get very hurt. For anyone considering climbing onto one of these things, a Kite Tube, take a CEO’s word for it — don’t. On the second day of my one […]

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04 Jul. 2006

Hollywood as Home, and Friends Making Movies

Hollywood is a fun place to live. In so many movies each year you see stores, buildings, corners and sites that you drive by every day. It’s kind of surreal in that way, the fictionalizing of your reality around you, and I can only imagine what it will be like when Ava realizes that it’s […]

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29 Jun. 2006

Before You Eat That Piece Of Cake…

A Cautionary Tale, Featuring My Daughter Ava… I know you’re excited about the cake. And yes, I know you’re thinking about taking a HUGE bite of the cake. Before you dive in, why not EARN the cake? WOWY on Saturday July 1 at Noon ET/9AM PT and the system may randomly select you for the […]

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