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14 Mar. 2006

"In Case of Boredom, Break Routine"

For those of us who have been doing Power 90 sculpt since 2000, and still enjoy its efficiency of a total body circuit in around 40 minutes, here’s a little tip if you want to get away from the TV; Set-up stations around the house so you move from station to station… kind of like …

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03 Mar. 2006

A busy week, and a $5,000 winner

This week we started testing the new Power 90 Fat Burning Express show, shot more footage for the Slim in 6 revision (with Beachbody standout Traci Morrow playing the role of “fitness demonstration pixie”), shot a great testimonial for Yoga Booty Ballet featuring celeb YBB devotee Tori Spelling, secured an airdate to launch Kathy Smith’s …

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23 Feb. 2006

Set Aside Some Dates!

We haven’t finalized all the details, but I wanted to give you as much notice as possible to plan for these upcoming fitness camps with Tony Horton. New York, NY: July 14, 15, 16 Los Angeles, CA: Aug 11, 12, 13 Chicago, IL: Sept 15, 16 and 17 As soon as we have the plans …

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11 Feb. 2006

The Father-Daughter Dance

Last night it was the Malibu’s Who’s Who of fathers and daughters out for the annual Valentine’s Father-Daughter dance. It’s a ticket that’s so difficult to get that people were actually scalping them online and in the local Malibu weekly newspaper. It’s a fun time, preceded with a new dress and fancy hair and make-up …

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06 Feb. 2006

Read the cover, you read the book

I love when a simple hook helps make it as simple for people to get results. I experienced it when the simplicity of the 8 Minute Abs videos I produced sold a couple million copies, then got teased in TV sitcoms, the Tonight Show, and a movie. Beachbody experienced it when Michi’s ladder made food …

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