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13 Jan. 2007

Thank You FTC!

When this news was published a couple weeks ago, I got a bunch of emails from people who were wondering if this meant anything to Beachbody and Million Dollar Body. As far as I am concerned, it’s great news, because the more publicity there is saying that a healthy lifestyle doesn’t come in a bottle, […]

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06 Jan. 2007

Our First $1,000 WOWY Winner!

What a week! Yes, we’re still ironing out/testing some issues with the Million Dollar Body site to get it all live, but in the meantime, WOWY is on fire. 1,179 people worked out in WOWY yesterday — I think that’s a record. And we seem to be adding 100 or more new participants a day […]

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01 Jan. 2007

Why Are You Working Out Today?

(A message to myself) Carl, You’ve started a new workout program on January 1st since you were 14. Some years you’ve gotten in shape, for a while. Some years you didn’t. Each year you learn. Today you are working out for three reasons: 1) To feel good, to be healthy and lean.2) To show other […]

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28 Dec. 2006


The beta site for the Million Dollar Body Game is alive, pretty much mostly. With a ton of work, patience, and rework, by the Million Dollar Body team, they saw the project through to launch yesterday. Today we are wrestling with the many surprises and glitches that happen when you fast track a technology overhaul […]

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24 Dec. 2006

The Miracle CEO Weight Loss System

These are my personal before and after photos from July 2000 when we created Power 90. It’s literally the first time in my life I stayed consistent with a fitness and weight loss program and got in REAL shape. Besides being a great program that made it simple for me to get results, what helped […]

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