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05 Feb. 2007

The January Winners Are In!

How exciting is this? Our first ever monthly success story winners, for January 2007, have just been announced at Million Dollar Body! 6 people won $1,000 each each, and one man and woman each won $10,000! After you watch the clip, take a second and think about what it must be like for these members, […]

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18 Jan. 2007


Today is Thursday, and so far this week we still have not seen a thousand dollar daily prize winner in the Million Dollar Body Game. The $1,000 mystery day is still alive this week! So as you consider whether you workout or not the rest of this week, especially as the numbers tend to get […]

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13 Jan. 2007

Thank You FTC!

When this news was published a couple weeks ago, I got a bunch of emails from people who were wondering if this meant anything to Beachbody and Million Dollar Body. As far as I am concerned, it’s great news, because the more publicity there is saying that a healthy lifestyle doesn’t come in a bottle, […]

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