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23 Feb. 2007

Plaid is the New White

For the last year and a half, I have worn the same thing to work every day; a white button-down collar shirt, jeans and sneakers. The simplicity was refreshing, while a bit perplexing to the people who work at Product Partners. “Don’t you get bored?” “How many of these white shirts do you own?” Over […]

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19 Feb. 2007

Coaching While The Site’s "Half On"

For Million Dollar Body Coaches who are wondering what to do while we get our act together, I wanted to give some input into some activities that could still have incredible benefit while tech completes the build/testing… but first, a story: The following is written on the tomb of an Anglican Bishop in Westminster Abby […]

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18 Feb. 2007

Chalene’s Crew Got Mojo!

Ok… this blog is about to get more interesting with video. Who needs to read anymore. Ok. So, at the recent turbo shoot I overheard Chalene surfing YouTube. So I poked around the site, and found this gem. Anyone who think Turbo Jam is a bunch of blondes kicking and punching is about to get […]

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16 Feb. 2007

“Daddy, where do extreme workout videos come from?”

Now that people are seeing P90X on TV and featured in MDB Winners segments, people are starting to recognize that P90X is unlike any DVD workout series ever created. Which means, it’s even more meaningful to share the evolution of the program now than it was when we started. The production department is digitizing and […]

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