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23 Aug. 2006

The Amazing Flying Jonathan

A couple weeks ago we hired Dane Sanders, Power 90 grad and professional photographer to take some photos of our company party as well as Tony’s LA fitness camp. We found Dane when he sent me a link to a site where he was encouraging wedding photographers across the country to get in shape and …

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19 Aug. 2006

Helping Kids, circus-style

A few months ago I was contacted by Scott Fifer, one of the first-ever P90X success stories, who had just returned from a soul-searching mission to Africa. He spent a while there helping at an orphanage, and came back a changed man, a Hollywood writer on a new mission: To help raise money in order …

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14 Aug. 2006

The power of T Morrow

If you’re a member of the MyBeachbody community, you may have seen the new icons promoting the fact that Traci Morrow is now the “host” of the site. (seen here with another Beachbody success story, her husband KC) She’s our own Julie McCoy, tasked with helping newbies and veterans get the most from the feature-rich …

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11 Aug. 2006

Malibu Beach Party!

Today was the second (sort of) annual Malibu Beach Party for the Beachbody team plus the early arrivals to Tony’s Fitness Camp this weekend. Before more photos, and I’m sorry I don’t have a lot more, let me say that this year it was Shawn T (with me here) who stole the show with the …

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26 Jul. 2006

Consistently… Drinking

As a guy who likes to enjoy a social summertime cocktail, I was recently surprised at how intense it was to stop consuming alcohol for a few weeks. I thought I would have no problem. But apparently the drink a day or a few a few times a week was training my system to count …

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