Insanity Certification Kicks Off March 10!
12 Feb. 2013

Insanity Certification Kicks Off March 10!

The Wait Is Over.

We’re bringing you the first ever INSANITY Certification at the Empower Weekend Fitness Celebration in Chicago, Illinois. Empower Fitness Weekend is a 3-day fitness celebration, power packed with the industry’s top presenters delivering amazing fitness workshops, lectures and master classes packed with fun, movement and education.

As part this exciting weekend, we were able to get Insanity Certification into an already packed lineup of fitness expertise. This Insanity Certification kickoff event will be a little different than future events because you have to register through the Empower event site ( for the INSANITY Certification event on Sunday, March 10. Most future events will be similar to P90X Certification – stand alone events in various cities throughout the U.S.

How Much Does It Cost?

INSANITY Certification is $249 for the 1 day workshop. The Empower Fitness event early-bird registration is $249.

What Goes On At This Empower Event?

The full schedule for the weekend is available here: Empower Schedule Of Events

I can’t attend the whole weekend, but still want to get Certified.

You’re in luck! You need not register for the Empower Fitness event to attend the INSANITY Certification and can sign up for the 1 day registration as a stand-alone purchase.There’s also an option to enroll in only a day or two of Empower at a reduced cost, so you can still benefit from hearing from many of the industry’s top presenters. It’s totally up to you!

Where Do I Sign Up?

You can register by clicking here: Empower Fitness Weekend Fitness Celebration – Registration.

I can’t make this event, what’s next?

I know excitement about INSANITY Certification has been building for quite some time. and we will be releasing a full schedule of events in the Spring. Stay tuned! If you can’t make this one, no worries, our team of experts will surely be visiting a town close to you in the near future!

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23 Responses

  1. Stacey evan says:

    Nasm certified personal trainer in Stuart Florida anything near there.

  2. Barbara Brodowsky says:

    There will be PLENTY in Florida. The events will be posted on in Mid March for events starting in April. Want to help plan one? E-mail me! I will get you in touch with the fabulous Master Trainer in your area! I say be the FIRST at EMPOWER!!!

  3. Awesome. Gotta get my P90X cert. as well. Hopefully there will be a Tampa event for either sometime in the near future.

  4. Mike Thompson says:

    Hey Stacey – Beachbody’s awesome for new certifications, but the biz side of being a Beachbody Coach is even more rewarding. Don’t know if you’ve gotten info on being a Beachbody coach, but it goes hand in hand with the certifications and can bring you tons of customers from all over the country. It’s something you’d definitely want to do, maybe even before getting Insanity certification.
    I’m happy to get you info if you like! message me at

  5. tanguy says:

    what about europe?

  6. Jason Kleinman says:

    Are there any upcoming dates scheduled in the South Florida metro area?

  7. Carl Daikeler says:

    Thanks for your interest Jason. When we have dates I will be posting them on Facebook and here on the blog. Stay tuned!

  8. Carl Daikeler says:

    Not much to report on the international front at this time. When we do have something I will be shouting it from the rooftops!

  9. KONTAR JOYNER says:

    Would like to know if you will be having Insanity Certification in North Carolina particularly Raleigh NC. Please let me know the information PLEASE…

  10. Jenn says:

    Hi!!!! Is there any way that the certification will be coming to CLE??? I want to blow these people out of the water with Insanity… make CLE the most fit in the country!!!!!

  11. Carl Daikeler says:

    Hey Jenn – I would imagine we will be having a Cert class close to Cleveland. It really depends on demand – which so far has been through the roof! If you are interested in organizing a group of 10 or more, email Barbara at She will help you out!

  12. Carl Daikeler says:

    Hey – I would imagine we will be having a Cert class close to Raleigh. It really depends on demand – which so far has been through the roof! If you are interested in organizing a group of 10 or more, email Barbara at She will help you out!

  13. Don says:

    Carl the Insanity Certification on Mar 10 in Chicago is full and noticed there’s one on the 11th that had a location to be announced. I would like to attend that class since the 10th class is full but would like to know if it is for certain. Please let me know when you can. Thank you!

  14. For now all those questions are within this site (for now)

  15. Jenn says:

    I’ll be sure to keep a lookout for the upcoming schedule of Insanity certs! My husband and I are planning on getting certified! Hope you guys will be coming to NY. Especially if it’s in Westchester County :) that would AMAZING!

  16. Mary Hall says:

    Missed the Chicago certification….are you coming back to the Midwest soon??

  17. Carl Daikeler says:

    Hey Mary, Check all of the listings here. Not sure which one is closest to you but there are a few in the midwest —>

  18. mike weber says:

    Another one in CLE interested in this certification. I wouldn’t mind coming to Florida, though :)

  19. Kate Charlton says:

    Please come to the UK soon otherwise I will have to save my air miles for a trip over!

  20. Louise Neville says:

    I am a Master Personal Trainer and Sports Injury Therapist based in Essex, UK. I would like to get certified to teach INSANITY workout, as its something i absolutely LOVE doing and am passionate about the programme, business sense and results based success!
    I’m a single mum to my 9 month old daughter and having previously owned my own business i want to make my little girl proud by being successful once again.
    Please let me know of any plans to bring this certification to the UK. I have such a passion for this programme, i want to be involved as you hit the UK with force!
    PS If the only way to qualify in the meantime is to come to the USA, i will certainly consider this; however, if you are looking for experienced, knowledgable and passionate people in the UK please keep my details for your records.

  21. Steve says:

    I did find some insanity certification in the UK unfortunately i cant enroll because i live in the netherland and i dont have a uk address to fill in the form.

    Please help.

    Keep up the great job!!

    Thank you & regards
    Steve Mazzotta

  22. More info on Insanity in UK here
    I’m planing to do it as well. :)

  23. Rodrigo Rivero says:

    Soy de Chile, habrá alguna certificación en mi País? Please enviar info. Date, thank you!