We Listen, Then We Create
16 Oct. 2012

We Listen, Then We Create

We usually have four or five new fitness programs in development, and one of our greatest strengths as a company is that we listen closely to the input of our customers and Coaches, and at the same time adhere to our mission and commitments to the user.

For years, there have been many requests for us to develop certain types of fitness programs, especially yoga, pilates, fitness for kids, salsa dancing, and kettle bells.

Since we can’t develop everything all at once and maintain our standards for providing true breakthroughs in fitness programming, I thought it might be helpful to ask for some input.

Below is a quick survey with a series of questions. If you want to contribute your input and increase the sense of urgency with which we develop a new genre, I hope you will answer the questions based on the program you hope we put into development.

NOTE: This is not a guarantee that you will see any of these programs getting developed in the next two years. And we will not publish any comments on this post because we want your valuable input to be reserved for our review, not our competitors.

Thank you in advance for your valued input and help in shaping the future of health and fitness.

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7 Responses

  1. Robyn Hurst says:

    So grateful and thankful for this opportunity! I have been trying to get this suggestion out there for some time, so thank you thank you thank you!

  2. John says:

    I jsut want to thank Carl and all of the Team Beachbody for this cahance to make a suggestion for a new program.

  3. Eric Tostrud says:

    TRX!!! Been “bugging” you about TRX since 2009!!! Don’t forget me for the videos! :)

  4. Greg Geater says:

    Above all, I would love to see a kettlebell routine. Secondly any of the following functional fitness workouts would be awesome: sand bag, sledgehammer or slosh pipe. All these workout recruit multiple major muscle groups instead of isolating muscles. This type of power move, core blasting, off the chart cardio, total body workout gets me moving and keeps me interested. As a result everything feels tight and connected. Thank you for the quality products you produce.

  5. William Borde-Perry says:

    I had 2 ideas. One should be a kettlebell program. This is an awesome system training that incorporates resistance and cardio training all in one movement.
    The other is a CrossFit type program. CrossFit is as popular as P90X and it is the truly the Sport of Fitness. It we were to tap into the CrossFit market I think the business would explode.

  6. I’d personally like to see something that is a combination of a little of everything but designed for someone who has no coordination, stamina or strength and wants to start from the ground up to the point where they can do P90X or Insanity etc. The reason I say this is I’ve looked at most of the products and find them all roughly similar to a point but none that really start easy. My wife has been doing TurboFire for over a year now, and is a cert. trainer now and just recently became a Canadian Beachbody coach and has started Shaun T’s Insanity, which I am doing as well, maybe not the first thing I should’ve started for the first time however I’m on week 2 day 3 (and joining the challenge this weekend). But the biggest thing I find hard is the strength in my legs. I thought it would be my high blood pressure or the fact it’s only been a year since I quit smoking that would slow me down but that isn’t the case. If it wasn’t for my wifes’ motivation and coaching and an encouraging facebook message from Shaun himself I’d find it really hard to keep going. I have noticed a difference in my body even though I’ve had to modify a bit but for someone that isn’t as motivated as me may wind up purchasing a program, get frustrated and put it on their shelf to collect dust. Just a thought or maybe I missed the program that already does this. Thanks and love Insanity……

  7. Kristen Miller says:

    I would like to see some more Yoga Booty Ballet workouts in the making. I went back to these workouts a few weeks ago and I forgot how much I loved them. Since a lot of new extreme workouts are coming out how about an advanced YBB with longer yoga and dancing sections,etc.