Master Trainer Extravaganza
07 Dec. 2012

Master Trainer Extravaganza

This week at Beachbody Headquarters we had the pleasure of hosting 42 of the newest and most amazing Master Trainers from around the country. I say new because they are the newest members of the Beachbody family, but they definitely aren’t new to the fitness game. This group, and many others who were unable to make it, are certified to teach Hip Hop Hustle, PiYo, TurboKick, and/or P90X and have been helping people get healthy and fit for years. As expected, they brought the energy and enthusiasm during their visit, especially during the workouts.

Before the visit, I heard through the grapevine there was some apprehension about what it would mean for them to be a part of Beachbody. In an effort to ease those concerns and create the most dynamic Certification team in the world, we got everyone together for a two days of collaboration to set the course for Beachbody Certification.

The two day whirlwind turned out to be a huge success. They brought their infectious personalities, warm smiles, and smart minds and together we laid down clear objectives on how to grow the base of Master Trainers – because this is where our focus is right now. This Certification thing is going to be big, and we are going to need leaders who can make fitness fun and exciting, represent the Beachbody brands, and share their wealth of knowledge. Having an extensive Certification program is certainly an integral part on our journey to become the world leader in health and fitness.

If you or someone you know wants to get paid to help people get healthy and fit and be at the forefront of an exciting time in Beachbody Certification, you can apply to be a Master Trainer.

Here’s how: Check out the prerequisites first and if you qualify email for an application and more information.

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6 Responses

  1. It was a BLAST to bring my 2 loves together Carl! Some serious (and not so serious) business went DOWN! This is going to be HUGE and I am blessed to be a part and also help others join the Team too!

  2. Sherrie Hill says:

    The 2 days that Beachbody invested in hosting our Master Trainers in their facility was a HUGE success!! We are ALL looking forward to what 2013 will bring and excited to start mentoring more trainers with the same focus of helping others!!!

  3. Saare says:

    I really CAN’T wait till I am certified to teach Insanity!!!! ahhhh makes me soo happy, any idea how much it will cost to get certified? I wish I can become a master trainer Im missing the experience.

  4. Lisa ODonnell says:

    It was a fantastic two days Carl!!! Thank you again for such a great experience!

  5. I want to be a Powder Blue Presenter and Team Beachbody Master Trainer. I have big *SCARY GOALS* on my mind as always. I get teary eyed cause I perceive my goals are THAT crazy to me.

  6. Kathy Morgan says:

    I clicked on prerequisites and nothing showed up. I am guessing I need to get certified to teach classes first. Where can I find a list of classes? I would love to get certified to become a Master Trainer :) I have the knowledge, background, education (million degree’s with fitness involved) but the biggest of them all the passion! I am ready to dive into these Dreams of mine :)