Have you had your break this year?
17 Sep. 2012

Have you had your break this year?

We work hard all year. We work out even harder. What we don’t do, is rest hard.

How do you rest hard? You make a decision to give your body a break by cutting down on hard workouts for 21 days, eating clean, and eliminating toxins like coffee and alcohol.

I know this can be challenging for some people. Stopping your work outs during the Ultimate Reset is like not breathing for three weeks. Just as the sun rises every day, like clockwork, you hit play on your favorite Beachbody DVD. So the concept of not Digging Deep and Bringing It—for 3 whole weeks—can be daunting to say the least. Intense exercise comes with many benefits, but at the same time, it takes a toll on your body. By taking 3-weeks away from your regular training you allow your body time to repair and rejuvenate. In fact, this could be the quickest, fastest way to get your best results yet. There are significant benefits that come from taking a break.


When you do an intense workout (which we all know you do) that training is breaking you down—literally. Muscles are fatigued. Ligaments, joints and tendons are taxed. Even your nervous system is put under stress. To allow your body the time to truly recover many doctors, strength coaches, fitness experts and top athletes advocate taking a “planned break.” This is especially useful after an intense round of training. After a few weeks off you’ll come back feeling renewed.


Moving away from your intense daily exercise routine can be difficult. But instead of focusing on what you’re missing, think of everything you’ll gain. By letting your body rest and repair you’ll be able to:

- Rebuild and restore connective tissue and muscles
– Replenish stores of glycogen (fuel for your muscles)
– Reset fight/flight responses of sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system
– Prevent overuse injuries to bones, tendons and joints
– Decrease hormones like cortisol (released in response to stress)
– Improve sleep patterns
– Calm your adrenal glands (constantly stressed/taxed adrenals lead to physical exhaustion and can make you more susceptible to illness)


We asked a recent group of Beachbody Ultimate Reset graduates (who took a 3-week break from their workouts) what it was like getting back into the gym. They were surprised by how “fresh” they felt—an experience we knew they’d have all along. Participants were healthier and had a better sense of wellbeing and a deeper connection to their body. Plus, they noticed better muscle tone, improved athletic performance and even accelerated fat loss. Many even confirmed that it truly was a full “inner body tune-up.”


Just because we advocate a temporary interruption from your tough workouts doesn’t mean you shouldn’t exercise. On the Ultimate Reset we recommend two brisk 20 minute walks per day, morning and night, along with some light stretching. By focusing on deep breathing and embracing a more relaxed pace, you’ll help repair, recover and recharge—so you can come back fitter and stronger than ever. The Beachbody workout Tai Cheng is also a great program during the Reset if you feel you have to work out!

It’s so beneficial to allow yourself the courage and opportunity to STOP what you’re used to doing. I want you to open up to a completely new experience. Take a risk. Try something different. See how it feels. It’s a challenge for your emotions and the attachment to your “habits” and awareness. But remember, you can always go back to your old routine once your time on the Ultimate Reset is complete. Instead, think of this as any other physical test you’ve pursued and throw yourself into it with the same passion and vigor.

You won’t regret it.

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